Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas

Dr. Mark AndersenChief Medical Officer/Psychiatrist

Dr. Mark Andersen

Dr. Andersen specializes in trauma, anxiety, and depression. He earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at UAMS followed by his residency in general psychiatry and fellowship training in child/adolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Andersen has been in this profession since 1995 and has worked at Youth Home/BHSA since 1992. In describing his work, Dr. Andersen stated, “I love what I do. Every day is both a challenge and an opportunity. I would not work anywhere else.” Dr. Andersen was a former All-American track and cross-country at the University of Arkansas and later spent 13 years as the cross-country and track coach at Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys. His hobbies include history, fishing, and Doctor Who watching.